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Hello smart folks!

I find it crazy that I have to ask for help on this. I feel like MS forgot to add a feature to the conditional formatting options on SharePoint lists...but, here I am.



When my "assigned to" column changes from default of empty to any one of the choices in that column, I would like the "status" column to change from "new" to assigned. 



How do I do this?  

a. is it better to use json in the column itself OR

b. use power automate?



I started this journey trying to build a flow to make this work.  I (like many others) got the infinite loop message .... I understand it was because I needed a trigger - and that's where I fell apart. 


Can someone please show my how to build this using power automate.


Thank you! 


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It’s a simple 5 minute Flow. Your trigger would be when new item is created or modified then you would look under SharePoint for the action to get file properties, which will see the list set the start time to windows token and end time to end windows token. Add a condition assigned to to not equal to blank. Add an action to update the status to new.