Comments Field Returning "Value" when Item Rejected

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I have a simple approval flow connected to a SharePoint list that is triggered when a new item is created. The issue is that when a user clicks "Reject" and leaves a comment, when submitted, the Comment shows as "value" in the email and when forwarded to the requester the field shows as blank. I've attached screenshots. 

Any assistance is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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In the Flow run history, what does it show the comment value as?

@Rob Ellis the Comment field is actually missing from the flow run history which is quite strange. Please see run history data below and :



"responder": {
"id": "4c36cfc6-7e17-4469-8598-59e58b26b5f8",
"displayName": "Admin",
"email": "",
"tenantId": "93f81fad-77c5-4778-a92f-ffb117082004",
"userPrincipalName": ""
"requestDate": "2019-04-25T12:30:36Z",
"responseDate": "2019-04-25T12:30:51Z",
"approverResponse": "test"



so I just tested, and I see the following body:

"outcome": "Approve",
"responses": [
"responder": {
"id": "a2028330-e403-45fb-b7e3-ad12fb648f3f",
"displayName": "Rob Ellis",
"email": "",
"tenantId": "31081e59-b347-4424-a235-8a5584046bb1",
"userPrincipalName": ""
"requestDate": "2019-04-30T12:41:22Z",
"responseDate": "2019-04-30T12:42:37Z",
"approverResponse": "Approve",
"comments": "comment is here"
"responseSummary": "Approver: Rob Ellis,\r\nResponse: Approve\r\nRequest Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2019 12:41:22 PM\r\nResponse Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2019 12:42:37 PM",
"completionDate": "2019-04-30T12:42:38Z",
"name": "caa9a04e-f1b1-4b25-aa51-d8846c7e397e",
"title": "test approval title",
"requestDate": "2019-04-30T12:41:21Z"

Hi Rob,

That is indeed my issue. I may go ahead and open a ticket with MS as it seems the issue is tenant based.

Hi @Earlline Alcide 


I use approvals and don't get the same issue. Are you able to show what your Approvals flow looks like? May be able to diagnose the problem if I can see it.


Cheers & best wishes