Change Microsoft Flow check rate

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Dear all,


I know that the "check rate" in Microsoft Flow is set by the Plan a user has.


This means for normal users the check rate is 5 min. We have some users with a Flow Plan2 and we have a user who built a flow and now just wants a lower check rate. So my idea was just to add the user with the flow plan as owner to optimize the check rate but wasn't successful.


Someone knows how I can achieve that the Flow uses the advantages of the Flow Plan 2?

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In theory, if you change the Plan for that user, he / she should take advantage of that Flow Plan in that particular Flow
If I had to guess here all the connectors etc. would have to fall under the flow p2 account and just taking ownership isn’t enough. Or maybe if you take ownership have then do a minor edit ‘rename or something’ and resale the flow might work too. But it probabaly will end up boiling down to who is logging into / accounts using connectors in the flow.