Cascading dropdown based on other list

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Hi Guys,

I need some help with cascading dropdown list in PowerApps.


I have 3 lists:

  • NewEmployeeForm_Departments
    where I have only one Title column with departments description
  • NewEmployeeForm_Positions
    where I have one title column with job positions description and one lookup column connected with departments list
  • NewEmployeeForm
    many different columns and two lookup columns connected to departments and positions lists

I've prepared PowerApps form to third list, but unfortunately I'm not able to filter positions based on departments.


I tried two following scenarios:

  1. Department

    And this works fine - filter works. Unfortunately when I submitting the form Position column is empty. And it makes sense, because I am referring to the different list (NewEmployeeForm_Positions)

  2. Department
    I tried with something like below, but probably it isn't good approach:
    Filter(Choices(NewEmployeeForm.Position);Department.Value=DataCardValue2.Selected.Value in NewEmployeeForm_Positions.Department)

    Could you Guys point me to correct way to achive that goal?
    Many thanks. 
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If 1 is populating then it should work fine. Are you using a form (Submitform()) to submit the data? Might need to tweak the onsave for that drop down to be .value for what it's passing in or something.

However, your best way to get an answer is ask this in the PowerApps community, so many more PowerApp guru's there to jump on this, they don't really pay much attention to this forum.