Can Power Automate process a flow to manage multiple documents

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I am fairly new to SharePoint and definitely a newbie when it comes to Power Automate.


I have got a flow that starts an Approval Process for a new file uploaded to a WIP folder which then moves to a Shared Environment folder once approved. This helps us automate our approval process and share with those that need this information.


There are many examples where we are issuing multiple documents for approval, sometimes it can be up to 60 or 70 files! At the moment I get an individual notification of approval for each file uploaded, which makes sense in the approval process, but I wanted to know if there was a function or a way to collate into one.

Clearly, all documents in the folder would have be approved in order for the flow to work, but it would be very helpful if it could be captured as one approval process: to process the documents that are approved but hold back those that require further attention so that the next round of approvals, only those that need revisiting are available,


I hope I have made sense with my question?


Many thanks

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@IMGeoffBlack : Hi, would like to understand more clearly here, you are trying to have a single approval flow for a folder with multiple files...and hold the files approval that have not met the requirement?

@Surya_Pammi : Yes that is pretty much the idea. I have used another software providers CDE whereby you can create a folder with an approval workflow and add multiple files. This then goes through the approval process and will move files that have been approved but retain the files that have not been approved, this way the workflow maintains the flow of consumable information whilst other information is being corrected or finalised for another approval workflow. It also helps to manage the Information that needs to be worked on as appose to seeing everything all the time, including the files that have already been approved.


Example: I have a folder called WIP for Approval, access is limited to just a small number of staff. This folder remains empty until there are files to be shared. These files need to be signed-off prior to sharing and thus require an approval process to manage the information. The files are uploaded to WIP and once approved, the files are moved to a shared folder called For Information. This folder has company wide access as well as to our supply chain.


In typical situations outside of our company there are only one or two files that require approval, therefore the single file approval workflow works really well. We are a design office and thus have 10's if not 100's of drawings that need approving for a single Shared submission.