Calculate the distance between 2 locations (latitude & Latitude) using BingMaps.GetRouteV2

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I have an Asset with latitude & Latitude and i am getting it using this formula:-


Set(relatedAsset,LookUp(Assets,ID=LookUp('Asset Faces',ID= LookUp('ticket Details',ID=If(IsBlank(varticketID),varNavigationID,varticketID)).'Asset Face ID').'Asset ID'));


then i am getting the latitude & Latitude of the current technicians from SharePoint list as follow:-


ClearCollect(colRelatedticketTechnicianLocation,Filter('Technicians Locations','ticket ID'=If(IsBlank(varticketID),varNavigationID,varticketID)));

add a column to the collection:-


then i am trying to Forall the items inside the collection and calculate the distance between the Asset and the Technician:-

ForAll(colRelatedticketTechnicianLocation As ticketLocation,

Patch(colRelatedticketTechnicianLocation,LookUp(colRelatedticketTechnicianLocation,ID=ticketLocation.ID),{Distance: BingMaps.GetRouteV2()});


but currently i am facing these 2 issues:-


1) i am not sure how to pass the source and distention latitude & Latitude inside the BingMaps.GetRouteV2 method?


2) inside the final statement , i am getting that it can not find a column named Distance, although i added it using the Addcolumns, any advice?



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@johnjohn-Peter for your last point make sure you have refreshed the datasource in your app. For my app, I got the distance using the following:

Set(distance, BingMaps.GetRoute((txtStartStreet.Text&", "&txtStartTown.Text), (txtEndStreet.Text&", "&txtEndTown.Text), {distanceUnit: "Mile" }))




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@Rob_Elliott   Thanks for the reply, do you know how to pass Latitude and Longitude instead of street names? i can not find any relevant documentations regarding this . thanks