Automating Incident Creation in ServiceNow Using Power Automate: Overcoming Dropdown Field Challenge

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As developers, we often encounter situations where we need to automate processes to streamline workflows and enhance productivity. In this post, I would like to address a common challenge faced when automating incident creation in ServiceNow using Power Automate. Specifically, I will discuss the issue of dropdown fields not being displayed or selectable during the incident creation process and provide potential solutions to overcome this obstacle.


Problem Statement:

When utilizing Power Automate to automate incident creation in ServiceNow, we often encountering a frustrating issue where dropdown fields fail to appear or cannot be selected. This can hinder the automation process and impede the smooth flow of data from one system to another.


Root Cause Analysis:

The root cause of this issue lies in the interaction between Power Automate and the ServiceNow API. The API may not expose the dropdown field options during the incident creation request, causing a discrepancy between what is expected and what is actually available for selection.


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