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Hello, I need help with the following since it's not working for me. I want to create a workflow that automatically starts when a new email is received in Office 365. The email contains: "Lando Norris lives in London on 02/23/2919". I want the workflow to proceed to retrieve relevant user profile information. Although specific details about what information is collected are not provided, it is assumed to include data such as the name and location.

If the condition is met (living in London), I want an action to be executed that involves sending an email. The subject of this email is set as "Welcome to Lando Norris's New Year's Eve Party," and the body of the message includes the template, "Lando is invited to the New Year's Eve party in London."

In the event that the condition is not met (also without specific details), another action is triggered involving sending a different email. This email has its own subject and body of the message, presumably providing distinct information and designed for situations where the condition has not been satisfied.

In other words, what I want is to extract user profile information (name and surname) and apply a condition that determines the sequence of actions to be taken. Depending on whether the condition is met or not, specific emails with customized messages are sent to welcome to the New Year's Eve party or provide different information based on the circumstances.

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@hugo566788 whoever has asked you to prepare this flow hasn't given you good/enough information.


  • You say the flow is not working for you; what have you tried so far?
  • Are all the people in your organisation? If not you won't be able to get their profile information.
  • What is the condition? Is it "Are you living in London?" or what?

You can use a switch control which is a kind of condition that looks at one thing and can have multiple "cases" and can send different emails depending on each case.


But there really isn't enough good information here to enable us to help you.


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