Automate reconciliations every month

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I would like to understand how I can do a reconciliation against 2 columns (one column per spreadsheet) on two different spreadsheets on a monthly basis with minimal human intervention. 

This is becoming a very arduous task which I would hope to automate soon. 

- I'm using the Fuzzy logic tool at the moment but would prefer it could be done in background and I can then go and check it. 


Any help would be useful  - thanks in advance. 



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@Anonuser1981 before we can provide much assistance you'd need to provide more info about what the columns in the spreadsheet are, how they are supposed to relate to each other and what the outcome is that you want.


Los Gallardos
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Hi Rob
Thanks for responding.
What I want is to be able to compare certain columns in two different spreadsheets - auto task every month.
The columns contain host names so its text based matching.
I've been doing this manually with fuzzy logic add on and its way too time consuming.
This forum may not even be best place to go but thought Power automate may help me achieve something.

Thanks in advance.
I want the outcome to say if they are a match or not - or have a fuzzy logic value estimate.. eg 87% match etc