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We have a drop down field were user can select a location


We then have a another field for a ticket reference were depending on the location select, a code is entered is automatically populated and the user is then allowed to add to this eg


Location DropDown has the option "Basingstoke-(BAS)", Other options

Ticket referernce would automatically add "BAS-" (because Basingstoke-(BAS) was selected in Location


User can then append to BAS- with a reference number, thus making the "Ticket Reference" "BAS-1234"


We have in the "Ticket Reference" Default field this formula...



This work fine, as saves ok into a SharePoint List.


However when you "Edit" the form again it loses the saved data (eg BAS-1234) and reverts back to "BAS-"


Any idea how to get the Edited form to keep the data that is saved?



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Hi @Pn1995 


You set the "Ticket Reference" Default field to:



That's why when you "Edit" the item, it will show "BAS-" again.


If you want to keep the value when you edit it, you can change the Default to:
    DataCardValue4.Selected.Value = "Basingstoke-(BAS)",