Associate Hyperlink with Multi lines of text column values using PowerApps

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Hi all,


I have a modern site (Sharepoint online) having a list , in which there is a multiple lines of text column named as SequenceNumber.

for e.g SequenceNumber column having 1000s of a value like 111,222,333,548,569,785......

I want to associate a hyperlinks to 111, then a different hyperlink to 222 and so on.

means, if i click to 111 ,it will redirect to me

            if i click to 222 ,it will redirect to me

            if i click to 333 ,it will redirect to me


Is it possible to customize sharepoint form in PowerApps?


Thanks in Advance

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Hello guyz...

Please Helpme out ASAP.


I am new to powerapps


Thank In Advance