Approved request from Outlook mail notification still shows pending in SP online

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Good morning everyone, 

I am having a problem understanding why approved list item from Outlook shows still pending in SharePoint online. 

I have a calendar created for vacation requests with Assigned To column in it where the users will assign their own supervisors to get approval. Here is the form how it looks like. 



I am just learning the things in Power Automate. Did I do a mistake on this flow? The flow status shows succeeded but what is not working to show 'Approved' is not clear.  Here is my flow setting 




Thank you for help in advance 





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Hi @Nkhatiwada,


I believe you need to add a SharePoint "Update item" action to set the item to approve. This would go in the approve = yes condition branch.


I hope this helps.



@Nkhatiwada you need to change the Response is equal to Approve to Outcome is equal to Approve. Response was an old way of doing it that doesn't work now. Then as Norm @Norman Young  has said, add an Update item action to change the approval status in the list.

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