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Am I missing something? Using Outlook and SharePoint app on Android. I sign into Outlook (via the app) and it will create an account. When I open the SharePoint app it again asks me to sign in. I tried the same thing on an iOS device: signed into Outlook but then it auto signed into SharePoint app. 


The problem is we have a couple of PowerApps in our SharePoint sites. On iOS - it will auto sign into SharePoint app and open the apps fine. On Android, I have to sign in the SharePoint app and then the PowerApps on the pages will not work (asks me to sign in). I tried embedding the apps on the pages instead of using the PowerApp web part --- it will at least let me sign into the PA app, but then it totally stops working on iOS (error about cookies - followed Microsoft guide to fix, but same issue).


So my question is --- Does anyone know how to get the SP app or PA apps to sign in automatically? I have added the Microsoft Authenticator app, signed into my 365 account via settings, and made sure "Allow All Cookies" is enabled. 


***EDIT*** I think this has something to do with MFA. I tried using the per-user/legacy MFA and Conditional Access/Azure MFA on a user. Both would have issues opening the app within the SP app after enabling.

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