Adding a comment to a DevOps Work Item using a given user

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Second time writing this, as when trying to post the first time it gave me an error "invalid html" and discarded all my content -.-


In Flow, I am using a DevOps - Update Work Item action, that updates a work item and adds a comment to it, using the Other Field "history" as the content of the comment. The problem is that the author is set to be the owner of the connection that the action is using, yet since the flow is triggering using an email, the author needs to be set dynamically using the email's author (provided he has an account in DevOps). How can I do this? Is there another name in "other fields" section, perhaps something like "Author" that I can use to set the author of the comment given the name, email or id from the email that started the flow?





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Hi @ergeorgievoceanmind 


I personally don't use DevOps but there's a ton of experts at the PowerApps community who can assist with this.


Register there and they'll be able to help!