Adding a button to a SharePoint Integration (custom list form) form object


Have another question around a SharePoint Integration (custom list form) situation.  When I create a custom form from my list it builds out my Data Cards into a form within the screen.  However, when I add a button to the form it adds it to the screen at the SAME level as the form.  What this means is that certain functions cannot access the objects within the form.


For example, if I have a field called Description that contains data from the SharePoint list.  This is held in a data card within the form object of the screen.  What if I want to reset that field.  Normally I would simply call Reset(Description) with my button's OnSelect action.  However, when I add a button in this situation, while the button itself sits on the form, it doesn't sit within the form object.  This means the context of the Description field is unavailable to that button.


Is there a way to add the button into the form context?  If not, then please see my other post just before this one that asks how to update a data card in this situation.


Thank you

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