30 days before expire date

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Hi all,


I am very new to SharePoint and Power Automate. I am self-learned and are most probably doing things more complicated than it needs to.


I wanted to create a flow that are checking a list of vehicles and send an email 30 days before they need to be controlled again. In the flow 30 days before Nästa Besiktning (expire date).


In my list I have two columns that I am using in the flow

Beskinginsdatum (date then the vehicle lat was controlled)

Besiktningsintervall (day until next control)

Nästa Besiktning (calculated column from BeskinginsdatumBesiktningsintervall)


I think there must be an easier way of doing this, like with filter Query.


formatDateTime(item()['N_x00e4_sta_x0020_besiktning'], 'yyyy-MM-dd')

formatDateTime(addDays(utcnow(), 30), 'yyyy-MM-dd')






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Create another calculated column, like ReminderDate, that equals Nästa Besiktning - 30 days. Have your flow run daily and the condition would be ReminderDate = utcNow(). Check out this post for better details on how to format the dates in the flow: https://powerusers.microsoft.com/t5/Building-Flows/Is-there-an-expression-in-Flow-like-TODAY-in-Exce...

Hope that helps!