Wish Planner had a "On Hold" status for tasks

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erhaps one day, Planner would offer another option for those tasks that need to be put in waiting or "On Hold" instead of leaving them as "In Progress"

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Your wish can come true if you post it on UserVoice: https://planner.uservoice.com/forums/330525-microsoft-planner-feedback-forum


There are already few items for this there from what I can tell, support them! :)

And be patient, Planner Team has not added too many features since it was released last year

@Jerome Zamostny   They should allow a Custom-List for Planner-Status - like I did with Lotus Notes back in the 1990s. (true story).



Seems like Microsoft are uninventing the wheel. Progress is to take things forward, sadly Microsoft products tend to be regression. 



@Jerome Zamostny in 2022, this feature is still missing.