When to use SharePoint site/lists and when to use Planner to create projects and tasks application

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We want to create a project management application, with these main features:-


1) Create Plans

2) Create tasks within each plan

3) Define permission on who can view and edit the tasks

4) Create power apps to customize the application UI

5) Create power automate to automate some processes for the app



But I am confused if i should use SharePoint site and lists or to use Planner to implement the above requirements? and why?




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Hi there, here's the quick version. Happy to go into more detail.

I'd like to suggest a strategy for emphasising the Power App as the central focus, particularly as a project management application. To achieve this, consider the following steps:

Establish a SharePoint list as an intermediary between Planner and Power Apps. There are numerous reasons for adopting this approach, and we can delve deeper into them as necessary.

Utilise Power Automate to facilitate the seamless transfer of data between Planner and the SharePoint list. Explore various triggers available to update the SharePoint list when new plans are added. While transferring comments may be a bit more intricate, it is certainly achievable, and I am available to help if needed. Ensure that the SharePoint list is promptly updated whenever an event occurs in the Power App or Planner. This way, the list becomes a conduit for updates between the Power App and Planner in both directions.

Leverage Power Apps for defining permissions and customization to tailor the application to your specific needs.

I am here to offer support throughout this process. My expertise lies in Planner solutions, and I have recently worked on a Power App with different objectives but similar requirements. Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance or clarification.
Thinking about it you may want to try out Microsoft Loop, could be the answer to everything you want.

@MatthewJamesDavis so you mean i need to use a hybrid solution between SharePoint and Planner? but is your approach a bit complicated compared to just creating a Power Apps?