When can we drag files, outlook items and attachment to Planner?

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The flow to flag mail getting into a task in Planner is great but the attachment of mail is not included.

We like to use Planner as Trello for complaints handling by different assignees. The complaint mail is getting into Planner but the attached complaint file doesn't come with it by this flow.

So to get this into Planner i would like to drag and drop attachments and files what Trello facilitates.

Anybody smart alternatives or workaround or better smart Flow ideas??

I prefer to stick to the MS apps, so no 3rd party apps.

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Unfortunately Planner does not support Drag & Drop Today
+1 on adding this feature. My work around has been copying the message and pasting it into Planner

@woojo the workaround is clumsy, but it's the only thing we can do ! :) It seems to be just one of those improvements that would lift some MS applications into the killer app zone.


Make that a +1 here for adding that functionality as well. We are attempting to create a workflow using Planner instead of 100 emails, where all communication lives in one area that supervisors and directors can also access. There are many reasons for this, but workflow management is the main reason. 

I hope that at less Microsoft created extensions will be allowed to drag-and-drop in the future. 

Isn't ironic that there is a Drag and Drop here feature on this form? :D


"Isn't ironic that there is a Drag and Drop here feature on this form? "


A desktop app would help as well.

We can drag and drop to To Do List but not to Planner - I recently moved a Team from To Do List to Planner & they think I broke their favorite feature of adding their Outlook .MSG files quickly

I would also like to see the drag and drop feature! @Trey_C_Texas 

Yes please! Having to find the file, point to it, then have it upload takes time, especially if you do it dozens of times a day.