What is keyword in Planner?

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I see I can filter by Keyword in planner. But what is a keyword here? I can not find any place on the task card that mention keywords. 


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The keyword filter allows you to filter by task title (or name) so you can type a word that is part of the Task name and you will get all the tasks including that word

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

It certainly is, thank you Juan.


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@Geir Hogstad

Hi, is there any possibility to set keyword parameter as filter directly in the html-link to open in a browser e. g. all tasks containing a certain ID-Number at the beginning of the 'title'?


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AFAIK no..

Planner is rather limited regarding these things!

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I wish there was. Currently my planner titles are more like frankentitles, in an attempt to deal with Planner's lack of function (it's ugly). My title goes as such
idNumber,  marketCode fileNumber, adjustmentAmount, accountNumber, managerName


These are all identifiers that I need to be able to search by, but the title is the only field that is searchable. I really cannot believe that they didn't have an ID number field right from launch.