We're unable to load conversations. Check back again in a few minutes


Occassionally I receive the following message when opening a task in Planner: "We're unable to load conversations. Check back again in a few minutes". 

At first I had no idea why this was happening, because it was also not consistent across all tasks. I haven't confirmed this yet, but I now suspect this has to do with the fact that I deleted the conversation out of Outlook where I assumed the items were treated more like email that could be deleted. I can't say for sure, but I think this is what it boils down to and I haven't found a way to rectify it apart from recreating the task. 

Steps you can take to reproduce the problem: 
  1. Create a new task in Planner
  2. Assign it to yourself
  3. Go to Outlook and find the group and the task you created which will be listed as a conversation. 
  4. Delete the conversation (it will notify you that the action is permanent)
  5. Now go back to Planner and try post a new comment. You should get the following error: "We were not able to post your comment. Please try again"
  6. Then, if you close the task, browse around a bit then re-open it in a while you should start seeing the error message in the title of this post. 

Hope this is useful to others. 

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How did you delete the conversation in the group? Groups conversations cannot be deleted (I have just checke it)

@Juan Carlos González Martín, Group conversations can be deleted from OWA and not from Outlook  desktop cleint.  I guess you have tried it from Outlook desktop client. 

Of coure you are right :-)...I was talking about the desktop client and I thought Jacques too...

You can delete it from the desktop Outlook client. That's where I deleted it. 


Edit: I've uploaded a screenshot of what I mean. 

Interesting...I don't have this option in Outlook....

What version of office are you using? I'm using Office Pro Plus 2016. 


Preventing deletion of these conversations would solve the problem. 


Where you're trying to delete a conversation, are you the creator of the plan and task? 

:) I have Outlook 2016 (the only versio where Groups work) installed from my coporate Office 365 tenants. I have verified in a Group where I'm an owner and in a Group where I'm not an owner that I cannot delete a conversation any conversation...something I can do in OWA

Incidentally, I've just added a post about Yammer integration with Planner, have a read and let me know what you're thoughts are. 

Could that be a difference between the version of Office you get with 365 and regular versions... I wonder.
Could be :-)...but I'm surprise Santhosh is not seeing this option...he usually see new features in advance ^-^

@Jacques van der Hoven 

Open https://tasks.office.com/
Select the Task affected
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