We're still setting up file storage for your plan. Try adding a file again in a few minutes.

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We have a user that has created a Plan, but end up with this error message when trying to attach files to tasks. "We're still setting up file storage for your plan. Try adding a file again in a few minutes." It is now already almost a week since the plan was setup, so I'm pretty sure some error happen somewhere.


When I try to access the "one drive" or doc-lib for the same Office Group then that works perfectly.


Other plans we have created do not have this issue (atleast what have been reported). 


Advice requested, or is it Ticket time to Premier?







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Give it some time and if you are still having this problem, open a support ticket...it might happen that the underlying SPO Site is not ready yet

Thanks, I already gave it a week :) and I did open a ticket as that takes its own time..

There is an issue in Uploading the file to the task since last week. Unable to add attachment to the task. I am not sure if this issue is related to the one you are speaking about.

I am having this problem as well.   Seems to be stuck in creating both file storage and Notebook.  Should I delete and re-create or is there some tool to clear this?



If its the same issue I had, open a support ticket, took them a month to fix it for me. Never got an appropriate answer on what exactly what caused it.

Quote from ticket:
Yesterday I checked with the developer and we currently suspect that some communication issue during the creation of the Plan could have caused the issue. We don’t expect the issue to reoccur.
If you find the problem reoccurs or if it happens often my colleagues are interested in knowing about it since that would mean it’s not a onetime occurrence as we currently suspect.
if it happens again, we now have a process to resync the links so we should be able to unblock any affected Plans very quickly.

Thank you for the reply.   I seem to have resolved it by finding the email that was automatically sent inviting me to the sharepoint, and then clicking on the link there for sharing the files.  It took about an hour for the files to become available, but it seems to be working now...