We couldn't upload the attachment

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Anyone has a suggestion on why this error is being encountered?


We couldn't upload the attachment "file.docx". Please try again later or upload to the Files section of your plan.


At a task, you click on "Add attachment" and then "File", select file to upload then the error is encountered.


The file is uploaded if I go directly to Files in the plan - however my newly upload file does not show up when I "Add attachment" then "SharePoint".  In the Documents pop-up, I will scroll down to locate it but then the listing is blank (keep scrolling down is still blank). If I sort the Modified Date column, I still don't see the file I just uploaded.


I could "Add attachment" and then "Link" to the file in SharePoint but I don't understand why I am encountering this problem.


It has been working. The file I'm trying to attach is only 35kb.


Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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Hi, I cannot reproduce your problem.   Are you able to provide some screen shots so we can see exactly what is happening please?

Yep, very strange problem...also open a support ticket if the problem is not being solved

@ben_projectI should have posted a screenshot in my original post.


Going through the following steps:

1) click on a task in a bucket

2) click on Add attachment button then File

3) select file from desktop

4) see screenshot below for error encountered 




These steps have been used for a long time. It just suddenly stopped working.


@Juan Carlos González Martín- I couldn't find anything online with that error message. I thought I check in with the community but it looks like I will have to submit a Microsoft support ticket.


As you say, it should just work.  Worth trying a few different browsers and users to see if you can narrow the problem down, but if the problem is organisation wide then a support ticket is the way to go! 

IE 11 is the browser everyone is using. But worth checking to see if another browser works. Unfortunately this error message is generic. There is a specific one that shows up if you try to upload a large file.

I'll share my findings with the community after working with Microsoft support.
As promised, I am following up to this issue with attachments in Planner. Unfortunately, the answer is not going to be helpful to anyone else.

I opened a Microsoft support ticket. But before we could set up desktop sharing session to troubleshoot the problem, the problem has disappeared. I saw the error myself prior to contacting Microsoft support.

I am guessing there was a backend update/fix that correct the problem.

Hopefully no one else encounters this error. If you do, I can only recommend you reach out to Microsoft Support.