We couldn't load your plans. Please try again later.

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Hello everyone,


I'm now facing the issue with the error message "We couldn't load your plans. Please try again later." as below.


Basically, when the users edit the plans, leave it for few minutes then it auto disconnected and hop back to Planner Hub with the error message. I've googled but no article related to this issue.


Please help me through this issue.


Thanks and Kindest Regards,

Tung Le

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I am getting the same message.  We where using MS Teams and created a team and started adding tasks to various buckets.  Everything was fine.  Then one day I wanted to update the tasks and now the Planner won't work.


All that shows now is:



Hmm, the plan you're looking for isn't here
This plan has either been deleted or the link isn't correct.
Basically the calendar is gone and I can't seem to find it.  Strange thing is that when I open the Planner App directly I can see only 1 bucket with only my tasks.
So from one day to the next something broke.
I have also not been able to find a solution to this at this point in time.