View or embed planner in a "normal" / classic SharePoint site.

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We have our team sites in SharePoint Online hanging off the top-level root site in subsites. I notice that in a "modern" Office Group the SharePoint site is able to embed a planner plan in a page using the widgets/web parts.  Is it possible to do this on a classic site? 

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No, it's not possible. Unfortunately, the Planner WebPart (as all the modern WebParts provided by Microsoft) does not work on classic pages...however, in a classic site you can create modern pages and use the Planner WebPart. If you are talking about the new Planner App available in modern SPO Sites, you will need to add a Group to your Site in order to be able to use it

thanks, I've just checked and tried on my "classic" SPO site trying to add the Planner web part to a modern page but there's no sign of it in the widget list:

2018-08-09 15_09_21-IT Environments.png

In a Office 365 Group site, however, it appears in the list of widgets:


Then you will need to "Groupify" your classic SPO Site to have the WebPart there
thanks, I thought that might be the case - unfortunately we may have shot ourselves in the foot by having our team sites all as subsites off the "root" site collection. So I think we're going to have to consider a migration plan...
Does this mean you cannot have a subsite as a group site?