View my Planner tasks in Outlook - in a secure way

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Our users would like to view their Planner tasks in their Outlook tasks. There is a possibility to publish the Planner plan and import the iCal link into Outlook. However, by doing do, the link becomes public and anyone who gets hold off it, will be able to access the content of the Planner plan. We don't consider this secure enough and have therefore disabled this possibility. Is Microsoft planning (pardon the pun :-)) to introduce a more safe method of integrating Planner and Outlook?

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Unfortunately Planner does not provide this feature Today. I recommend you to visit Planner User Voice, check if the idea is already there and vote for case the idea is not there, just post it so others can vote it

I found this idea in UserVoice and have now voted - I recommend everyone else to do so :)