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I have many projects on my team, where I use one channel for each project and one planner for each channel. My problem is that I need view all planners, and on the current solution I need view one by one.
My ask is: It is possible to view all plans graphical and through the calendar for check all stat of all plans of my team.

Bruno Matos

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There is a Planner App fully integrated in Teams that provide this view
Hello Juan

I use the teams, however, it's only possible to view one plan at a time, and I need to view de stat of all plans at the same time.

Bruno Matos
Currently you can only use 3rd party tools for plan roll ups. I would suggest uservoice I think there is already some there but for right now the suggestion is to use project for larger style project management.

What Juan is talking about thou is the planner app on the left hand side in Teams in the ... menu. It can give you a rollup if your personal task from all plans and a dashboard of all your plans to access themselves but it won’t rollup everything into single views with plan data etc.
Thank you, Christopher,
I understand the Juan, but in this mode, I can just view my tasks. I am team leader team and project management of many projects and I need view the state of all tasks for understanding if the task is time delayed. I need a tool to view the state of all task at the same time and view the next tasks for next weeks for planing the RHS of my team. The teams and planner are good for persons of my team however for management is poor.

Thanks for your help.
Bruno Matos

Hi Christopher 

Could you tell me the name of those third-party applications that you're referring to?


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Have you (or anyone else here) come up with a solution up until today? I'm having a similar situation and planning to set one group for projects (we're a company of 8 only), one channel per singular project, files folder, chat, and planner are the basic tabs for each project. After te project would be completed, I'd hide it from the navigation to save space and keep it clean. But I need a central control or overview off all these plans across the channels and possible groups.