Verify tasks independently of assignee

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Hello community,


This is my first post, so please correct me if I am posting something not very useful, or if there is another place where I should seek feedback.

I am the Office 365 oracle in our team, mostly because of my Excel skills and passion for the cloud, and  therefore got an interesting homework assignment from my boss :smile:


A little background:

In my team we are starting to use Planner as a major tool to track day to day business tasks which are not necessarily project related. So far it has been helpful to improve the performance of the team as whole, and we are starting to see the real benefits.


The Homework

My manager asked if there is a way to verify if the tasks are really completed. He was working earlier in a major corporation with a system were even if you check the "completed" task checkbox, the tasks goes to another person who checks if the task is really done (e.g. checks the content of the Excel spreadsheet or looks up some order in the ERP etc.). This is usually some supervisor or other independent person, but mainly from the team.


Currently we are doing it with the addition of an additional task (e.g. Check if the team has created the Forecast or similar) but its time consuming and clutters the board unnecessarily.  It would be great if there was an option to add a "verifyer" role as who after someone clicks complete gets a notification that he has to verify the completion of the task.


The manager trusts us mostly, but there have been some instances where something has been "completed" by accident and the task vanished and has been forgotten. Important tasks, where other teams need our inputs or if it is for some important customer are usually double checked.


Thanks in advance for some infos.




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