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Hello everyone,


We recently switched from trello to planner for our weekly schedule.

This is how we use it:

One bucket per week (for example: from feb 22nd to 26th; from march 1st to 5th; ...)
Each task is a planned social media post for this week


Our problem is that we are starting to have too many buckets, is it possible to hide them or move an entire bucket to a different plan when the week has past (which could be named "Archives") ?

Planner does not seem very functional for our needs, could you recommend an other Microsoft tool which would be more appropriate ?

Also, is it not possible to add more than 6 tags on planner ?


Thank you very much in advance.



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@AmeliaDaguet You need to use the third-party app to move the buckets and tasks to another plan (archives) in a click. By this way, your production plan will be out of mess. More labels are coming soon to planner. 



Add up to 25 task labels and colors in Planner and in Planner for Teams.

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@Santhosh Balakrishnanthank you very much for your reply, which third-party app could I use to do this ?

Try Apps4Pro Planner Manager
Thank you! Will try this