Use an Existing Plan when Adding Planner Tab to Team

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The MS Planner Updates video on YouTube: mentions that you can add an existing Planner to a Team. When I try this, I don't see an option to add an existing Plan -- only to create a new one. Any ideas why this would be happening? 

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You can add an existing plan as long as this plan is already existing in the underlying group or you already added a plan to a channel in your team

Apparently not, because I am seeing the exact same problem.

Having the same exact issue...Tried adding a "dummy" new Planner first, then attempted to add in a 2nd preexisting Plan. Although the option to select a preexisting Plan now displays, the specific Plan trying to add is not included in the drop down list. Tried playing with Private vs Public site settings, but not making a difference. + Does not seem to be specific user permissions in the Planner app..and would not make sense if only the Owner of the preexisting Plan could add to Teams, but will try that next. Also did have same users as members/same group in both Planner and the Team.


Any ideas on a workaround to solve for would be much appreciated.





Any resolution on this issue? I have just tried the same thing and the drop down gives me one pre existing plan but no others.