Use AAD groups for giving access to Plans?

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Now it is only possible to give access to individual users to a Plan in Planner. The user management for bigger orgs/teams will be hard. Is it possible to use AD (AAD) security groups to grant access to Planner?

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You can add an Office 365 Group what will end in adding the members of the Group...I don't think user management is going to so hard with the scripting capabilities you have and I also think Microsoft will provide more a more controls to to a right governance for both Planner and Groups

I think I need to rephrase the question.. But little background first. We have (A)AD security groups representing business structure (business units, teams, virtual teams etc.) and these security groups are automatically populated based on the information on our People master data system. Now we would like to use our A(AD) groups for granting access to Planner or Teams. How have others done this - are you shifting/migrating from "traditional" AD security groups to Office 365 Groups or are you creating both for each group of people in your company?