Upload Multiple Selected Files in Planner

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I have seen a number of posts discussing integration of files with Teams and Planner, however perhaps I am the only person that has encountered an issue of being unable to upload multiple selected files to an activity?


Would like to use planner to assign actions to team members that typically require document(s) or photo(s) to answer client questions.


Seems that we can only upload one file at a time?

- Are we doing something wrong?

- Why can't we email a file to planner as a comment response?

- How are other people managing/integrating  files into Planner?


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This is another example of lack of functionality in Planner...as you have well said, you cannot upload multiple files when you are attaching files to Planner. You have to upload each file individually

@SolarConstructionGuy I couldn't believe it, this has to be a feature to add as soon as possibile!


we can't upload more than one attachment in the Paan thru Microsoft planner ?!!!

we can't upload more than one attachment in the Plan thru Microsoft planner ?!!!