Updating Task Card name will not reflect update in email subject header

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I'm changing the task card name, but subject title on email that is generated in outlook groups and in individual's inboxes do not update automatically?

Also when the subject header is changed via outlook, the task card stops updating with comments.


Is there any workaround? Or must you always have the accurate task card name before you start assigning people and commenting. 




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I have found the same thing too - this needs fixing please microsoft - it makes the e-mail notifications confusing and pointless if the card subject changes, but it retains the old subject.
Have you gotten a response from Microsoft?
This seems like a big deal but they have not responded with an answer.
No. It makes no sense that you create a card and then change the Title/Task Name but yet the email threads only show the original Card Name. That makes no sense whatsoever.

But I guess Microsoft does not care that it makes sense or not. They are only interested in users paying for their O365 Subscriptions. That seems to be all that Matters.
Nope, no reply on this sadly.

@nyqyq I have the same issue with Planner/TEAMS. I found an other comment on this matter: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/planner-task-name-not-updating-when-changed/8...that has ben answered by MS: "Currently, it is a by-design behavior. The product team will consider to change this behavior in the future release, but there is no ETA for this."

Since it is from October 2016 (6 years ago) and the issue is not yet addressed, I think they won't do anything about it ever!

My problem is also that team members that originally was assigned to a task, will still receive mail notifications when comments and changes are applied to the task after they've bin unassigned from the task - or even after they're no longer within the organization. And new members assigned to old tasks doesn't get those relevant notifications in their mail box.

@thard2210 frustrating and an own goal for Microsoft - Great way to kill a product.


I know I have had trouble with this if the email is flagged. Once you clear the flag then you can see you edited "Task Subject"