Unable to add @mentions to comnents in a Task

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Hi all, need some help here.

I am using planner integrated to Teams.

It seems I can not mention to a member assigend to the task using @XXXX in the comments box, to make sure he or she reads the commnet. Instead every time I post a comment, ALL members of the Team receive the comment, which is really a nightmare.

COuld you please advise on this pls?



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Yeap, this because mentioning is not a feature provided in Planner Tasks

It would be a great feature to be able to "tag" someone in the Comment section of a Task.  


Are there any plans to add that feature?  Adding it to Conversations within the Channel is currently the only option I see.  It seems like it would be more efficient to have all the comments for specific tasks in one place.


Thanks!  :)


I agree. This is available in other planning/task software.

will this feature be added?
AFAIK its not on the roadmap!

Therenis a user voice for it though so go in there and vote for it!



The link provided relates a different feature request.  The question in this thread is can a feature be added so that task comments can leverage tagging people as a mention.  

Hi there. I remember someone from my company saying that MS announced during the last Ignite that they were working on that feature. In other words, you would be able to decide whether or not the comment goes to all members of the O365 group or only to the ones assigned to the task. It surprises me that this is not on their roadmap. I agree this is a great feature. Now, answering your questions, the workaround is to go to Conversations and send an email to the specific users. It's not perfect, but this is what we have now. Thanks for bringing this issue up.

Here's another user voice. This one has more votes and is in a "PLANNED" status.



@Fernando Rodriguez 


I am confused how in this video https://youtu.be/7Ln-XfQZ-6s at min 1:28 @mentions in comments on tasks seems to work...how is this done?

Do you want to discuss individually on a task with your team members ? Now Microsoft Planner allows you to notify a member in comments of a task. So in this ...
This is not yet a feature of Planner, although it’s on the roadmap!
That person in the video basically just added a @ and a name for better reference! And the mails were just the normal new comment mails :)

@adam deltinger so that's not what @Fernando Rodriguez asked at all - they are asking for the ability to @mention users by name in the comments of a planner task, not the ability to mention one team from another team's chat channel.


The correct idea in the Planner Uservoice can be found at the link below.


Please read my reply again! That’s exactly what I referred to! Where did I mention Teams btw!

@adam deltinger right here, but no worries as I was able to find the correct idea in the Planner uservoice, so we're good. Gave it an upvote, hopefully the feature will become live soon. :smile:



I answered dotorer’s question :)
Yeah :) that’s a really old post in which I sent the wrong link! I just answered this other guys question!

I think when you tap on actual user name you can private it. but if its already in community and u click reply all can see. @Fernando Rodriguez 

I and my colleagues need this. This is a must-have feature! How could you skip this ms?

Even god doesn't know this