To Do Planner app has no bucket option

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The bucket feature is no longer available in the new version of Planner. Our users are quite annoyed, including me as an IT Admin, that we can no longer separate our Planner tasks and projects into separate buckets. Is there a workaround to add the bucket feature back?

Or are there plans to add the bucket feature to the new Planner app?


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@citizen_c  The new "Tasks in Teams" app combines your personal tasks from ToDo app and Team tasks from Planner app. 


My Tasks (ToDo) - Personal tasks

Shared Plans (Planner) - Team tasks. Here you will see all the plans you have added as tabs in team channels. 


Can you try to open the task listed in Shared Plans (Planner) and see if the buckets are listed? 


The personal tasks from ToDo does not contain buckets. 

@Santhosh Balakrishnan  Thanks Santhosh! :smile: Mystery solved! Found my buckets under Share Plans.