To-Do and Planner integration does not work for tasks assigned to multiple people

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The integration of Planner and To-Do is a welcome addition but it appears this does not work when tasks are assigned to more than 1 person. 


I have a few plans for different Teams and some of the tasks I am undertaking require collaborative work. It appears when a task is assigned to more than 1 person, it does not appear in the 'Assign to me' list and I cannot find it anywhere in To-Do. Am I missing something or has anyone else experienced this?


Note, I have raised this issue with support. 

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@DarylAHi, I cannot reproduce your problem - if it is assigned to two people it appears in the "Assigned to me" within ToDo.  Note that when one person says it is done, it is set to completed in Planner.

Thanks for testing @ben_project. Unfortunately I am still experiencing the issue. Could it be due to some other reason?

@DarylAHi Daryl, not that I am aware of. If MS provide you with an answer, please be kind enough to share it here so that others can learn from it.