The missing link

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Okay so having talked widely with my stakeholders - we posed the question what is missing in all task and to do apps?

The simple answer for everyone in the team was ‘The ability to prioritise the task importance’

We discussed card or task position on a board - but all of the stakeholders said they were members of multiple boards and that

In Trello creating a personal to do with linked cards using unito seems to be the most popular method.

I then looked at changing the position of my cards in my progress task view and it changed the position in the original board - this is a bad move as this could finally unlock planners true power. Agreeing a boards priority is fine but when a member of 10 boards it’s difficult to prioritise across those especially as priorities may differ across plan or board members.

My other observation is that I would really like to use schedule across multiple plans or boards.

I have felt for 20 years the ability to prioritise has been missing in outlook and most of not all task management systems.

How do other people prioritise across multiple boards and schedule across multiple boards?
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You can use Labels to set the priority for the tasks and filter by labels and Due date for find the tasks.