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Hello Planner users!


Planner recently added a "Bucket Chart" to the Charts page, and we're continuing to think about ways to improve this view. I've heard snippets of feedback regarding pain points and suggestions for Planner's Charts page, but wanted to start a conversation here to find out more!


What views and/or reporting options would help you and your team work in Planner? Any specific scenarios would help contextualize our thinking around this.


Thank you for your involvement and feedback!



Joanna Parkhurst, Planner PM


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@Joanna Parkhurst As a manager of different teams and projects, each having a separate Planner, we need a view to manage these across all the Planners. I need to see all the tasks assigned to a team member and their statuses, just as I can see my own, across Planners.

@Ken_Farmer  It would be worth checking the power bi planner integration template - here's a link. I found it useful and is very easy to set-it-up.



Would also love to have custom reporting.
This would be extremely useful for our larger teams. We currently have bucket overload....
I wholeheartedly agree. This was probably not a foreseen use-case, but we have recently switched from a 3rd party help-desk tool to teams. Using Power Apps we have deployed an app, launched via an icon/link on each user's desktop. The Power App creates a "ticket" aka "task" for the IT team that is visible on a large dispatching board. So far it provides better visibility, is working well, and is cheaper, as our employees are already on O365. However, the lack of reporting may cause us to have to move away from teams at some point. We really need the ability to generate detailed reports on tasks for specific teams and team-members. The current general reports for "usage" by users and devices isn't that meaningful for us.....

@Joanna Parkhurst

  1. Please include "COMPLETED" in the Bucket Chart. I know it shows in the status chart but a breakdown per bucket helps a lot.
  2. Please include a "LABELS" chart much like the new "PRIORITY" chart.
+1. We would like more dynamic charts and need the labels integrated into the reporting. Visually the labels are helpful, but are missing when we try to pull insightful reports. They are such a necessary component when developing analysis that provides a comprehensive overview of the plan.

We would also like to be able to add custom fields to the planner items or be able to modify the titles of the default ones.
To add to Ken_Farmer's request to manage across all Planners in a team, please allow us to create or customize a Planner Hub for a group where we can see several planners at the same time where the intention is: One Plan = One Project. So if we're program-managing, we can use this to look at several projects simultaneously.

Also, please give us the ability to link Plans - the type where one task card is shown in two or more Plans.

Thank you.

@alphie365 To look at several projects simultaneously - you need to use the third party apps for now.


the type where one task card is shown in two or more Plans - this is not possible in planner as it works on top of M365 Groups. Planner depends heavily on the M365 Groups for the Attachments and Comments.