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This scenario: Employee A creates and assigns a task for Employee B


Currently i know only about overviews that show all tasks assigned to oneself. but i would like to have an overview of tasks that i have created but assigned to someone else.


I was asking arround, what our employees do to get arround this: they assign themselves as well as the person(s) that has to fulfill the task.   That is sub-optimal, because now each home-list is cluttered with tasks that need no action by oneself, but by another person. and as far as i can see, there is no way to filter this.


Solution A) Is there any way to assign persons to a task in different roles (eg Supervisor, AssignedTo)


Solution B) A view where i can see the tasks i created, but im not assigned to


if both do not exist, is there a way to implement it ourselves?  or any other solution?


i hope to explain myself well and somebody can help me. This is quite a bummer but i hope, this is a misunderstanding or can be solved.




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I am also looking for this functionality. I see that the question of adding roles or responsibilities to tasks has been brought up multiple times since 2016. has there been any movement on adding this feature to Planner on Teams? Is there a better project management app we can use with Teams that might already have this?