Tasks not visible in Planner anymore

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Since yesterday, my tasks in Planner are all gone. They are luckily still visible in my mobile app, but not in the Desktop Teams app. Yesterday they were still visible in the online Teams version, but today not anymore. Is this a common problem?

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Same for me; I don't know what's happening, and your post is the first one I found about it.

@R_Cardozo , I have now downloaded the Microsoft To Do app, and all tasks are there. It seems I must have missed some information... Happy to be able to see my tasks again though!

Hi all,

Same here, all of my daily tasks have gone. I can see them in my mobile app but not the desktop which is what I use every day, very frustrating. 

I think I will go back to ASANA.

I wanted to love this new Planner but it's just not there yet which is very surprising from Microsft as all of their other products are great.




Same here.

My marked mails are gone also