Tasks in former plans keep sending me late tasks email notifications with dead links

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I keep getting these emails telling me that my tasks are overdue. When I click the links in the emails I am being told that "This plan is not available. The plan may have been deleted, or you no longer have access to it." So through this email I have no way to stop the notifications coming, or edit the task itself.


So my next step was to go into Teams and open the Planner overview there, and then group by Plan to see where these were coming from. The tasks display below the plan title "Former plan". The tasks themselves cannot be accessed from here either. Clicking the task gives no details - no popup details form open at all. The task title actually displays as a link, giving a cursor click hover action, but clicking does nothing.


The only options available are to check the 'done' check box in this view, or click the three dots and delete the task from the view.


So main question - how to stop notifications coming from plans that are no longer active, ie. 'former plans'?

And - If the plan is no longer active, why are the tasks showing to me at all? I would think a deprecated Plan means deprecated tasks...?

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Well, it seems a difficult task if you don't have access to the admin settings for that Plan...apart from trying to see if something can be done with the Graph, I don't see an option to solve this issue so I would recommend to open a support ticket