Tasks for external guests

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I have set up a plan, with different buckets, and tasks within those buckets.

Can I add an external guest to individual tasks without them seeing the whole bucket or plan?

Or can I add them to a task and they just see that bucket?

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No sorry! If you are a member or guest you can access the whole planner plan!

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@adam deltinger 


Do you know of a way to handle client tasks and reminders?

I have a Bookkeeping practice and don't really want to pay for a separate program

Hi! Can you please describe in a little more detail what you’re after?

@adam deltinger 


I have plans set up for each of my clients business's, with buckets and tasks within each of those client companies buckets.


As well as tasks for each of my clients companies that my practice has to fulfil, I want to be able to setup tasks and reminders (preferably email reminders), for my clients to under take and complete. When that task is complete I also want to see that the client has completed the task and/or attached documentation..... all within planner...


Hope that makes sense


Hope that makes sense