Tasks by Planner and To Do: Create New Plan changes mirrored in Original Plan

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1. I'm working on Teams for Windows Desktop.

2. In Teams I have an "All Staff Tasks" tab that was created in "Tasks by Planner and To Do". My employees and I have "Buckets" created for each of us that have long lists of "Tasks" and within these Tasks, there are long "Checklists" for us to have visibility on everything we are working on (past, present, and future).

3. On the top bar I clicked the "+" sign to "Add a Tab" with "Tasks by Planner and To Do".

4. I wanted to create a COPY of the "All Staff Tasks" so that I could use the COPY as a NEW TAB to be modified from the ORIGINAL.




5. The new Tab was created with a new name "1099 Tasks".

6. I made modifications on the "1099 Tasks" Tab Buckets by deleted some buckets, moving buckets around, adding new buckets, etc.

7. The changes that I made to the "1099 Tasks" tab made the SAME CHANGES on the "All Staff Tasks" tab.

So the new tab isn't a COPY. It's a MIRROR. So that any changes that occur on one, occur on the other.

8. I was horrified to see that the Bucket deletions I had made on "1099" made the same deletions on "All Staff".

9, I contacted Microsoft Help immediately and was told that absolutely nothing can be done to undelete, restore, or recovery the deleted Buckets.

10. I need help as this is catastrophic to my company.

11. Please do not reply with opinions agreement or disagreement with how absolutely stupid Microsoft it (we know where we stand).

12. Does ANYONE have any sort of restore an old version option or anything at all I can try????? I'm disparate.




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Unfortunately, it is impossible to recover the deleted tasks. The best thing that could be done is to try to build them back based on the comments (if all of the deleted tasks have comments, you can figure out a way to find the titles of these tasks).
If the need of copying a Plan arises, you can contact Altosio through the contact form (https://altosio.com) for a Planner migration within the same tenant. They will probably also be able to help you figure out the recovery of these lost tasks based on the comments if any.