Task Loses Bucketname when modified on iPad

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When we modify the status of a task in the official app on a iPad, then after closing the task the Bucketname field gets cleared. This only happens on our iPad app used in our productionfacility. In the office where we work with Windows in the browser or on Android with the official this problem doesn't exist and the status can be changed causing no error. This exist since the last update/version of the planner app for IOS. Is this a known issue or are you new to this. We have a workaround with an extra bucket "Done", but that is not what we prefer.

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We also have this problem, it also happens when you edit the task name, it makes the iOS app unusable right now.

@Rodney625 I raised a support ticket and received a response that its a known bug. I haven't found an easy way to locate all the tasks that have no bucket assignment without scrolling through them in another group by view looking for missing bucket names. 

@Rodney625 Did they mention to you if and when it wil be resolved?

@BMODGV No they didn't. Just acknowledged the problem. Work around is to not used iOS devices to edit or update tasks, only browser apps. 

@Rodney625 It’s appears to be fixed in the latest version of Planner for iOS version 1.8.18 but I never heard back from my support ticket.