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I have read lot of discussions on this topic and I dont really understand email notifications in Planner... I turned on every notification option, but all I got are notifications on comments in group mailbox. So I want to ask - It is really impossible to get notification to my personal mailbox when somebody assigns task to me? If it is impossible, will it be implemented in a future? When? We are trying to replace Skype for business with Teams in our organization... Planner seems to be nice tool to organize tasks in particular teams, but without more options to notificate (in teams or by email) it is really useless... How can I make these "old dogs" in my team to start using Teams and Planner, when they have to check assignments by themselves or they need to check additional group mailbox (although assignment notification emails are not working anyway there...)?


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This is why I use Sharepoint lists for task management over planner :) easy to setup and can create a tab for it as well in Teams and customize it to do what you want. Even out of the box it’s pretty useable. It does task assignment alerts out of box etc. but you can create view and setup alerts based on those views etc. it’s fantstic. If they would just slap a kanban view to sharepoint lists it would be awesome.

Planner is pretty but I prefer function. Planner is still short a few must have features for me.
Don’t get me wrong planner is quick and easy to setup and the drag and drop and ease to create tasks is what makes it better for users.
Anyway the assign notifications should work. Keep in mind someone else must assign you the task it knows your assigning to yourself and you won’t get notified.

Thanks for your reply, I think I will also try your solution. Im testing Planner today and its working somehow.... I checked both checkboxes to get notifications (in group mail) when is task assigned or completed, and Im following group plan. All Im getting now are notifications on comments (when task is assigned to somebody, planner creates comment on this task) - and as user I have to follow this plan to get it... So I would have to tell people in my team to follow it (why would they? new things to learn / getting notification on every single comment / etc).... These notifications should be much more easier and in perfect case built-in Teams/Planner.



I made a list of what kind of email notifications I need:

  1. notificate on task assignment
  2. daily/weekly notificate my mates with list of tasks that they are on
  3. inform all assigned people on task progress change

so today I wanted to try your solution with Sharepoint lists, but I have similiar problems as with Planner... Sure I can alert on any changes made in the list (every user have to subscribe to these changes)... But I just need to inform my mates when task is assigned to him/her - I found this option in Sharepoint Tasks list app settings, but when I tried to import this task list to Teams it imported whole Office 365 page (with menu and so on...) and it doesnt look good :D....


Am I doing something wrong or that's just the way it is? Also found some workaround with Microsoft Flow and flow between Planner and Outlook -> email me when task in planner is assigned to me - but again, user have to start using the Flow product, "subscribe" the flow itself and finally after that, he/she gets notification on task assignement...


Why every user have to "subscribe" notifications? When Im in the role of team administrator I should be able to set notifications for all teammates.... Maybe Im not using it right, but it seems to me that Teams has a lot of integrations and posibilities but its too early to use them.


Seems to me that Teams are trying to look like all in one place, but they dont really are... But again - these "old dogs" in my office dont want to subscribe notifications, change settings of multiple apps, start using Microsoft Flow to get notifications etc. They want to keep their work simple and I (as PM) want to provide them the same thing...

Hope I missed something or there is going to be better notification system in Planner soon.