Task assignees not receiving comment notifications until they comment is completely absurd.

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Sup guys.


We've recently moved to Teams from Basecamp expecting much better features and streamlined process.


We set up our groups and teams and channels and everything.


We created our Plans and started assigning tasks.


And then the mayhem began. My accountant assigned me a task to provide invoices that needed to be uploaded ASAP because of tax deadlines. Okay no problem I said. I uploaded them to the task and wrote a comment to her (we were both assigned to the task) saying it's done and to check if everything is correct.


3 hours later, still no answer. Angrily, I pick up the phone and demand to know why was she pestering me so hard with all those ASAPs when she's clearly not under a time pressure when she explains she got no notification about my comment.


I start researching and I can't believe my eyes - if someone doesn't comment on a task assigned to them, he doesn't get a notification if somebody else comments? Wha...who...how? How did this decision pass the product officer? Was she at lunch or something?


I mean, coupled with the inability to mention someone this is a complete and utter dealbreaker for me personally and for the company as well. I read the notification update manifesto and I understand that you wanted to fix the whole email notification spam thing which I wholeheartedly applaud to - but BROTHER YO, what's the reason for using Planner now when we have to go back to picking up phones or chat to get more info on a task's progress?


My team is already confused and disorganized thanks to this, since they had no idea other team members were trying to reach them on their tasks while they on the other hand felt ignored...

So I'd like to know - is this going to be addressed by mobile notifications or mentions or another standard solution which has been around for I don't know 7 years or so? Or maybe there's a workaround of some kind somewhere? I really don't want to explain to my team after weeks of training that we won't be using Planner for task management after all.


Thanks to anyone with more info / supportive voice on this issue.

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This was recently changed to only people who have commented and has been criticized a lot!
Id use the planner uservoice and vote on it there!
@ mentions in Planner are coming but no ETA !
Two years later and no ETA... Trello likes this.