Still Waiting on Permission Roles to be Announced for Planner

Steel Contributor

While I understand that Planner is meant to be open and accessible, there's no getting around the fact that role-based permissions are desperately needed here.  Here's my pitch:


Board Owner: Can make a board read-only, delete cards & buckets, can archive a board, can assign additional owners.


Board members and guests: can add/edit buckets and tasks (if board is not RO).


Board owners would also get a special dashboard in the hub that would allow them to view all of the boards they're owners of.  Similar to the board Charts page, you can filter based on user/project/bucket/labels and tasks (but across all of your boards).


I've seen dozens of different posts in UserVoice that have similar ideas and all meant to address the lack of control and visibility project managers have within Planner.  However, all of them seem to have under 100 votes and therefore have not been acknowledged by the dev team.   Is there a way to consolidate them into a single request?



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@AlexH980 Hi, Microsoft will review related requests and consolidate the number of votes.   Therefore I suggest you create your own uservoice request with your suggests, but also include the link to the related topics.  

@ben_howardI took your advice and added my voice to the pile.  Here is the link for anyone interested in voting too.


Most importantly, here is the highest-voted suggestion on the subject of Board Permissions.  Please vote if you haven't already!