Static filters in Planner buckets

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When you select a single bucket in #MicrosoftPlanner Filter, the other buckets are still visible as empty.

Could you hide them or just move filtered buckets in first columns? Helps much if you have many buckets, and even filtered, your bucket is still the last, forcing you to scroll all the way to the right.

It would also be great if this filtered view could be applied as a tab to another #MicrosoftTeams Channel, so that you can have your virtual teams like Admins, Devs, Support, all their task in a single Planner Plan to have it all in one chart and in one schedule, but so that each team only sees their bucket of tasks. How about that?

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I think I have already answered this question: short answer, no you cannot do this Today in Planner so best you can do is to post your ideas in Planner user voice

Yes, and I did that. I just posted the topic in the right section here. :)