Sorting "Assigned to Me" tasks by Label or Assigned to

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We utilize "labels" as a way of determine where a task is in the process.  In my clients individual Sharepoint Planners, there is an option to Group by Label or even by "Assigned to". However, it would be really great if I could sort the "assigned to me" tasks with the same options such as by Label or Assigned to me. Reviewing tasks is really daunting without being able to filter out things by label.

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Hi Rebecca,
I would recommend you to check the Feeback Portal just in case this idea has been posted. If that's not the case, just posted so others can vote for it and can be considered by the product team:

@Rebecca_Amaral using third party apps, you can get the filter and sorting options for tasks across all plans. 

sort by labels.png

@Santhosh Balakrishnan  Could you share the 3rd party app you are referring to?

@Rebecca_Amaral It is Apps4Pro Planner Manager