Sort / Notification on comments?

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As a guest to a team, I do not see a way to sort tasks in a bucket by the most recent comment timestamp. I don't see comments noted in Activity or any other list. In short, I just want to know when something changes in Planner so that I can respond.


1) As a guest am I missing functionality?

2) Is there a way in the UI to sort a bucket by the most recent activity/modification timestamp?

3) Is there a way to create a plugin or separate application that does this? I've never used graph or any other API for teams but maybe now is the time to start. :)



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Unfortunately that are not features provided by Planner Today for guest users and also corporate's not a question of the type of users.

My status was just changed from Guest to team member. I now get email notification on changes to tasks that I have created, and I'm guessing I will get email to tasks where I commented.


I've been asked to help coordinate a team that has chosen Planner to coordinate some activities. The developers prefer not to use a real ticketing system ... but I will strongly drive in that direction.


To keep up on what the team is working on, I don't want to have to subscribe to all tasks just to get notifications in email. There isn't a way to subscribe to changes to a bucket. Due to the limited nature of this UI, am I correct that I will need to write my own little apps for this using the Graph API?

Hi @tony_gravagno Third party apps are available in market to do this same you have requested. You can try it once before write on your own.